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What we do

We create quality commercial Jingles in a variety of durations, delivering maximum impact by conveying vital information while appealing to a person’s instinctive fondness for a catchy tune.

Here at Catchy jingles, we love music and the way that it creates emotion, and we strive to write melodies that are easily remembered.

We have a variety of singers to suit every style, a professional studio sound, and a quick turnaround to give you that winning edge sooner. We can produce anything from rock, folk and country through to full-scale pop, corporate and electronic music. We pride ourselves on originality. When you choose us, you won’t hear the same jingle recycled anywhere else.

We can write your business an obligation-free demo. If you decide the jingle is not for you, we won’t ask you to pay.

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What will a jingle do for your business?

Commercial jingles are all about getting stuck in a potential customer’s head. A well-placed TV or Radio jingle goes beyond regular advertising by catching people’s attention with addictive and easy-to-remember melodies. It strengthens brand recognition and loyalty, and even helps people remember information such as phone numbers or store locations. Jingle lyrics can tell stories, create mental imagery and impart information, but most importantly, they give your brand a memorable musical identity.

Commercial jingles are a great way to kick-start brand awareness in new businesses, and for well-established brands it makes you the potential customer’s first thought.

A jingle is versatile. We can edit it to include voice-over in many variations. Singing can precede a spoken section, follow it, or sit either side of it (see ‘Uptown City Fitness’ in our listening section). An instrumental-only version can sit behind a full-duration voice-over when your commercial has a lot to say. We can work with you to produce all the variations you will ever need.

Extra service

At Catchy Jingles we have many years of experience in advertising script writing. We can work together with you to develop effective wording, with or without connection to a jingle.

  • Michael wrote our jingle and produced our TV ad for us. It took Waack’s Bakery from being a local business in Stawell, Ararat and Horsham to being known throughout Western Victoria. If you live in Western Victoria, you most certainly will have heard Mabel mutter those immortal words “It was very very nice.”

    People have driven to Stawell from Ballarat, Terang and numerous other places just to visit our bakery, and when we talk to them they all mention our TV ad and ask about Mabel. When I meet people, in a lot of cases they will mention how they love our ad; that shows me the impact the ad has. Our TV ad reached a pinnacle when it was featured on the Gruen Transfer as runner-up best regional ad in Australia.

    I would highly recommend Michael Zala to produce your jingle; ours became an iconic ad, and helped our business immensely.

    Chris Waack
  • As an established Business in Ballarat, we required a focus on our marketing. As part of this we employed Michael and the team at Catchy Jingles to give some feed back with thoughts on a potential ‘catch phrase’ and a jingle we might be able to use in future advertising etc. With a fantastic close-working relationship we were kept informed at every turn and nothing was a problem for them.

    Ballarat Gas & Plumbing Services