Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost?

This depends on a number of factors – the type of business that needs the jingle, size of the market, how complex the music is, and how many versions of the jingle we produce.

We generally encourage clients to consider a full package, because it means they have every version they should ever need, and can run a successful jingle campaign for years without restrictions on how much or little voice-over they are able to use over it.

A simple, intimate acoustic guitar track with a solo vocal will require much less labour than a pop or full orchestral production, and therefore cost much less.

Lastly, rural or single-area locations are charged less for a jingle than metro or multi-location franchises.

For an obligation-free quote, inquire on our contact page and tell us about your business.

Why do I need different versions of the one jingle?

Firstly, you may require different length versions, to accommodate different advertising standards.

Secondly, your long-term jingle campaign will usually be made up of many different short-term advertising campaigns, each with its own specific needs.

Sometimes, particularly at the beginning of your jingle campaign, you want to run a full 30 seconds of musical lyrics to introduce people to your jingle and create the full picture of your brand in the listener’s head. As time goes on, people will remember the original jingle and you can begin to reduce the amount of vocals to make way for voice-over. Sometimes your business will have a lot of information to impart, for instance if there is a sale.

After a long-running jingle campaign, people don’t even need to hear any vocals to have the name and image of your business spring into their mind, and you can simply use an instrumental version (called a bed). This gives you a full 30 seconds of voice-over to communicate what you want. Many large international brands have run their jingle campaign for so long that they no longer even use lyrics, and just a musical reminder is enough to impart their brand information (think McDonalds, most large franchises and well-established car manufacturers).

What comes in a full jingle package?

Usually a full package will consist of the following.

  • 30 second: Full Vocal, Vocal Top & Tail, Vocal Top, Vocal Tail, Bed.
  • 15 second: Full Vocal, Bed.

Full Vocal refers to a jingle complete with lyrics, which tells the ‘whole story’.
Vocal Top refers to a version that only has singing at the beginning, to initiate the brand before the voice-over begins.
Vocal Tail refers to singing only at the end, to create a ‘sign-off’ and reinforce the brand. It usually mentions the brand name.
Vocal Top & Tail uses a short vocal sign-on at the start, and a sign-off at the end. They are not always the same lyrics, sometimes one is the brand’s motto or unique selling point, and the other is the brand name.
Bed refers to a completely instrumental version with no lyrics. The missing melody can be performed by instruments to ensure that the memorable musical trigger is still heard.

In some cases, businesses with a customer support or phone booking service may want a looping version that can play continuously while customers are on-hold. We can give you whatever you need.

How long does it take for a jingle to start working?

TV and radio commercials are ‘low-involvement advertising’, a medium where people don’t go to be advertised to, but rather they subconsciously store up a wealth of brand information while listening to music or watching their favourite shows. Therefore, it initially takes a lot of exposure and repetition, but builds enormous momentum over time.

Though most businesses use commercials to announce short-term calls to action, such as bringing awareness to a sale, or introducing a new product; using a jingle while you do it will contribute to a much longer-term (and in the end, much more successful) goal of making your brand familiar, memorable and authoritative.

Let’s use an example. Say you are a vacuum cleaner manufacturer and have been using jingles in your advertising. A listener who has been hearing your ads for the past year suddenly has their vacuum cleaner break down on them. Who is the first brand they’ll think of? With such low-involvement listening, they are unlikely to remember any of the specific details of the ads from the radio – prices, sale dates etc., and would ordinarily be no closer to selecting your brand for their new vacuum cleaner. However, because you have used a jingle, they are very likely to remember the name and personality of your brand, due to the repetitious exposure to a Catchy Jingle that has focused on building up a mental picture of the brand, and using its name in a memorable musical hook.

Not only will the jingle make them think of you before any competing brand, but when they walk into a store to buy a vacuum cleaner, the familiarity with your brand lends it trustworthiness and authority, increasing its chance of being selected.

How do I receive my jingle, and in what format?

We will email your Catchy Jingle in WAV file format, uncompressed, sampled 44,100 times per second with 16 bits per sample. Put simply, a sound file in CD quality, and compatible with both Windows and Mac. One 30 second jingle takes up about 4 to 6 MB in size, so if you purchase a package (multiple versions) we would send it in a zip file.

What is a jingle’s typical duration?

The most common duration of a TV or Radio commercial is 30 seconds, followed by 15 seconds. Consequently, these are the most popular durations for a jingle. Other durations are possible (45, 60, 90 & others), but these two are the easiest to fit with other events within a given commercial break. Standards vary world-wide, but in Australia a TV commercial must contain a half-second duration of silence at the beginning and at the end. So, when we at Catchy Jingles talk about a 30 or 15-second jingle, we usually mean 29 and 14. For Radio, a full 30 and 15 are acceptable. For consistency, we adhere to the TV standard, which is acceptable for Radio.

What is the process?

You discuss with us what style of Catchy Jingle will best suit your business. We’ll need to consider your type of business, budget, demographic, etc. We’ll accept any other information that will assist us in writing lyrics that will – along with a catchy tune – make your jingle memorable. Then we’ll get to work on a demo which we will send to you for approval.

If you are happy with what you hear, you send a deposit to us and we produce and finalise every accompanying version in your package. You only make the final payment once you are satisfied with every version.

What if I don’t like my demo?

We understand that what you hear may not be exactly what you expected. We also understand you may change your mind about a certain aspect of your jingle. No problem. At this stage we can make changes. Remember, you don’t have to pay a deposit until you are happy with your initial demo.

How do I pay?

Our payment method of choice for clients anywhere in the world is PayPal. If you are an Australian client you can also make a direct bank transfer.

You don’t have to pay anything until we’ve created a demo for you and you’re happy to go ahead, and you don’t have to make a final payment until you are 100% happy with every variation of your jingle.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

We won’t ask for any payment until you have heard an initial demo and agree to go ahead with production of the final product. If you decide it’s not right for you, there’s no hard feelings. Once you decide that you like what you hear, we will ask for a deposit of 50%, then finalise your jingle, and finally produce all of its accompanying variations.

How long before I receive my demo?

Once we’ve received sufficient information from you, we’ll attempt to make an immediate start on your demo. Depending on how busy we are, you should receive it within two weeks. It may not be the final production, but it’ll be close enough for you to decide if we’re on the same page.

What do I do with it once I’ve got it?

Once you’ve received your new Catchy Jingle, your next step is to provide it to a Production Facility. This may be a TV or Radio Station with production capabilities, a specialist production facility that produces commercials, or a voice production service where your voice-over will be recorded.

Talk to us if you require any advice or assistance with this next step.

Is there a difference between a radio jingle and a TV jingle?


Your new Catchy Jingle may be all you need to hit the radio waves and start building your business. If you have a package, you can add a voice-over to mention your phone number, address, web address, etc.

If TV is your preference, then you need to think about vision, and how elements such as what we’ve mentioned above can appear as text on-screen. Our experience in the TV business enables us to give you some ideas on visual concepts. Ask us for free advice.

I noticed you write voice-overs as well. Can you tell me more?

As professional copywriters, we’ve written thousands of scripts for TV and radio. For an additional fee, we can do the same for you. Just send us the information we require to write an attention-grabbing script and we’ll promptly do it.

Do you offer a separate service to record voice-overs?

Though we have vast experience in recording voice-overs, our current aim is to focus on clients who require jingle production. Let us know if you need to source voice-over talent or a place to record them, and we will help you find what you’re looking for. Most often these days, voice-over artists have their own recording facilities.

Where can I find more information about how to use my jingle?

When you purchase a jingle with us, you can contact us any time afterwards for advice. We’re always happy to help.