Our Process

Watch Catchy Jingles create a jingle in the studio:


How we work with you to make a jingle

Our process usually begins with the Client getting in touch via our Contact Us form.

They’ll introduce themselves and their business, and perhaps tell us a little about their product. At this initial stage we’re happy to be given lots of information so we can begin kicking around musical ideas (and ask fewer questions later).

Quite often the Client can’t imagine how they’d like the jingle to sound – but that’s okay, that’s our job. Usually they’ll say, “I just want something catchy.” We’re happy to hear that, because they’ve come to the right place.

We need to know about such things as the demographic, intended platform (eg radio, TV, on-hold message), budget, etc. If there’s an existing slogan, that’s an obvious kick-start.

We’ll follow up with a phone call to make things more personal, and discuss the next step.

Together we’ll agree upon the style of jingle that’s the right ‘fit’. We’ll kick around words such as fun, playful, poppy, rocky, acoustic, orchestral. We’ll then set to work to write a demo that will follow the guidelines. We’ll also explain the value of having a ‘package’ – an assortment of durations and constructions of the jingle that offer flexibility of usage.

The demo is sent to the Client for approval. Alterations can be made if requested, and a deposit is sent. Finally, the package is collated and delivered.

Contact Us

If you’d like to know more, or go ahead and contact us for a jingle, please use our contact form! We’d be happy to hear from you.